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Exterior Painting Equipment and Materials List

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§  Gas-powered pressure washer

§  1 gallon house detergent

§  3 quarts bleach

§  1 hand-pump garden sprayer

§  1 high quality 50-foot garden hose

§  Eye protection

§  Rubber gloves

§  Cheap rain gear

§  Rags


§  2.5-inch paint scraper

§  1-inch paint scraper

§  Multipurpose 7-in-1 painters’ tool

§  Flexible (not stiff) 1-inch putty knife

§  Lead test kit

§  Dust/mist masks


§  Dripless caulk gun

§  35-year acrylic latex caulk with silicone (select color)

§  Razor knife


§  Exterior all-purpose primer

§  Peel Stop primer

Masking (taping)

§  Hand masker tool 

§  12-inch metal blade

§  1-inch white masking tape (9-pack) 

§  1.5-inch white masking tape

§  1-inch blue “painters tape”

§  1.5-inch blue “painter’s tape”

§  Masking paper

§  Duct tape

§  One roll of .31 mil, 9-foot x 400-ft. “painter’s plastic”

Drop cloths

§  12′ x 15′ canvas drop cloth

§  9′ x 12′ canvas drop cloth

§  4′ x 12′ canvas drop cloth

§  1-gallon cutting pots with handles

§  Bucket hook


§  3-inch angled paint brush

§  Optional: 2.5-inch paint brush for trim

§  Optional: 3-inch China Bristle brush for oil-base deck stain

Rollers and roller covers

§  Roller handles

§  Roller grids

§  5-gallon buckets for rolling

§  3/8-inch roller cover for smooth surfaces

§  1/2-inch roller cover for semi-smooth surfaces

§  3/4-inch roller cover for semi-rough surfaces

§  1-inch roller cover for very rough surfaces

§  1.25-inch roller cover for the roughest surfaces

§  One 2-4 foot extendable roller pole

§  Optional: One 4-8 foot extendable roller pole

Cornerboards and trim

§  4-inch roller handle (select size)

§  3/8-inch roller cover

Deck railings

§  Mini-roller handle

§  Mini-roller covers



§  6-foot aluminum step ladder, type II (select size)

§  8-foot fiberglass step ladder, type II (select size)

§  20-foot extension ladder, type II (select size)

§  24-foot extension ladder, type II (select size)

§  Optional: leg levelers

§  Optional: Ladder jacks

§  Optional: Scaffold plank

Clean up

§  Sprayway Glass Cleaner

§  De-Solv-It Contractor’s Solvent


§  Screwdriver

§  Radio

§  Ball cap

§  Sunscreen

§  Foam knee pads

§  Cotton work gloves

Spray painting:

§  Graco homeowner grade airless paint sprayer

§  Graco medium grade airless paint sprayer

§  Graco professional grade airless paint sprayer

§  Graco 517 spray tip

§  12-gauge heavy duty extension cord

§  5-gallon paint strainer bags

§  Throat seal lubricant

§  Graco Pump Armor


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