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Paint Life is here to educate, empower and equip painters worldwide.  To wear the best painters wear in the world.  Think you cannot paint? You can! The Idaho Painter serves YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest viewers worldwide with free self help painting videos. Paint Life and The Idaho Painter were created as an alternative to the big box DIY video shows that have actors who only act like they can paint but really can barely act.  I believe painting is for everybody. The Idaho Painter and Paint Life is the most popular DIY painting channel on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. My mission is to shatter the barriers of entry into painting and convince people that it can be a lot of fun painting on your own without hiring a professional painter. Paint Life is here to teach you to LOVE painting and expose that painters have skills and can be respected.  No experience is necessary. To be part of this community and purchase the coolest painting gear on earth simple Follow This Link

Win More Bids NOW!

Paint Life offers our Bid Package downloads that are an important part of the success of my painting company B&K Painting.  The bid package is a compilation of over 20 pages that sells our business without ever meeting the customer. Its yours for $300. My bid package is a document that I have created and edited over a period of 13 years to its now almost perfect form.  Don’t look like every other painter with a one page scratched out bid.  Look like the best by giving your customers the best bid in your region.  To Begin Winning More Bids Follow This Link.

Game Changing TOOLS

Visit my  Paint Life Tool Store.  We don’t sell just tools we sell tools that increase profitability, make you a more efficient, and make you proud to be a painter.  Tools we sell simply put a smile on your face.  A large majority of the tools I use and are seen in my videos are also available in my tool store.  Only tools and products I use and would recommend are available in my tool store.  Visit my Paint Life tool store and Purchase Game Changing Tools.  Paint Life Tools are game changing tools that help increase production, profits, and make your painting team more efficient.  We have tools to remove paint runs, control overspray, make scraping fun, and increase your speed cutting in.  Our store includes our very own PAINT LIFE paint wear clothing, stickers, hats, jewelry, and more.  Visit our store and purchase tools and gifts for work, presents, or to simply support our efforts to provide FREE painting advice worldwide.