June Cabinet Workshop


The Cabinet Workshop is taught by Chris Berry (The Idaho Painter), John Cole (Journeymen John), Lois Jasso (Instructor and SurfPrep Guru), and John Darroch (Expert with Apollo sprayers).  This course will be hosted on Thursday and Friday from 9AM – 4PM at our Paint Life Academy location in Boise, Idaho.

Louis Jasso,  is a third-generation wood coating specialist who has cultivated his passion for woodworking into a successful career in the wood products industry. A certified AWFI trainer, Woodworking Network 40 under 40,  and now the national sales and marketing director for SurfPrep Sanding, Jasso is sharing his real world knowledge and training experience with like minded industry professionals. His methods focus on introducing business owners and specialists to the knowledge, products and best practices used by wood product manufacturers to help them achieve the best results for their customers, while reducing costs and improving profitability.

John A. Darroch, When John was just a child he accompanied his Father, John B. Darroch as he built and sold his amazing new HVLP turbo spray systems. This new technology quickly caught on, as finishers who had been tediously brushing or making a mess with high pressure sprayers, were impressed by this new technology.  Apollo Sprayers, Int’l quickly moved from the trunk of the car to a factory in Fountain Valley, CA and then to our current factory in Vista, CA. As he grew, young John worked at Apollo after school, doing everything from stuffing envelopes to building spray guns. He joined his dad at trade shows, learned to answer the phones and meet our customers and eventually he assimilated every aspect of Apollo Sprayers. When John B. decided it was time to retire in 1998, John A. Darroch naturally stepped up to the plate to become President of Apollo Sprayers and has never looked back.  Come learn how to spray with HVLP sprayers from the best.

The Idaho PainterPainter who loves and enjoys being a painter.

Journeymen John. Paint Life crew leader a star on Paint Life TV.

We’re excited to announce our 2019 cabinet repainting workshop as part of our Paint Life Academy lineup!

We’ve been painting cabinets since very early in our painting career—but in the last several years we’ve made some changes that have made cabinets into a very profitable niche of our painting business. Our system has the ability to create a high-turnaround with a beautiful factory-like finish—making the customers happy, and making you money.

This 14-hour workshop will focus on cabinet finish schedules using water based Italian coatings from Renner.  This two day course will have one day focused on classroom instructions and the second day will be hands on work walking you through a finish schedule using water based coatings. We will go through our process for re-finishing cabinet repaints from beginning to end. We’ll cover the following:

       How to bid including price formatting.
      Proper prep work for coating longevity

      Transition from lacquers to water based coatings

      The products we use and what’s available that works.
      The process for preparation and containment.
      Hands-on trainings for spray application with HVLP sprayers.
      Troubleshooting issues with cabinets.
      Why use water based coatings.



This workshop will be hosted on Thursday and Friday, June 20th-21st from 9AM – 4PM at our Paint Life Academy location in Boise, Idaho.  Dinner hosted by The Idaho Painter after the first day class.  

The cost for this workshop is $475 for both days. Class size is capped at 15 participants.

Students attending the academy will get 20% off their purchase of SurfPrep sanders and 50% off their first purchase of abrasives.  From Apollo sprayers each student will receive $100 discount on a P5 HVLP sprayer, $150 off a P5 with a 2 quart pot and or an HVLP gun for $299.  Students will also get free swag from all our sponsors.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellations are non-refundable. Cancellation due to emergency will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Workshop Reviews:

Ron Thrall: Class act! Attending a training session with Chris and his team. He knows the business well and has invested much time in sharing that with other trades and homeowners.

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