My original Invoice package for purchase for only $100.


The package contains 6 pages including thank you letter, customer suggestions, touch up request, newsletter, and Angie’s List Review,   Believe me, it will convince your customers they choose the right painter.  There is no guarantee but if you see it you will understand why we are so busy.  I have 9 years of college education and understand marketing very well.  Part of my college education is in computer software and web design.  It is a document that has taken 10 years to reach its current form and is still constantly modified.  I attribute getting so many referral to our bid package and invoice package. The value of the invoice package to your business is worth thousands but you will only understand this if you have a firm grip on marketing and wanting to increase your business significantly.  I am only offering this to help my viewers out, not to get rich.  If you want it purchase it, if not hope your business has much success.buy-now-button A full PDF copy of our invoice package and a invoice PDF is available for $100 right now.  The non-editable PDF invoice package includes a 5 page invoice package and correstponding invoice from Quickbooks PDF.  Actual fully editable Microsoft Word originals of the invoice package documents are also available for $150.   These Microsoft Word originals I created will make creation and editing a breeze.  These are the actual documents I use for my invoices and are converted to PDF format prior to delivery. No retyping or creation necessary. We use secure payment with PayPal and all major credit cards.  Just click the purchase button below. Once paid, your files will be available for download from this website with a password.  PDF files are secured and not editable.

My Invoice package comes in two options. Fully editable Microsoft Word documents or non editable PDF files. My Invoice, bid package, or business forms can be customized just for your business by you using any word processing software.  The PDF file itself is not editable.  Use the package as a guideline or copy it directly word for word and adding your own logos.  If you see the invoice package you would see why we get so many referrals and return customers.  If you want your business to grow and build your customers confidence in your business, present a multi page invoice that looks as professional as your bid package and your work. A professional invoice is a reflection of how much you value your customers business and shows your professionalism even after the job is complete. I have now made my 4 page invoice package available on my website.