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My original bid package for purchase for only $300.


My bid package comes in two options. Fully editable Microsoft Word documents or non editable PDF files. My bid package or business forms can be customized just for your business by you using any word processing software.  The PDF file itself is not editable.  Use the package as a guideline or copy it directly word for word and adding your own logos. The capture rate using my bid package is extremely high.  If you see the package you would see why.  I have a crew of 5 and we painted 4-5 houses a week this summer with be bid package capturing a large percentage of the work without meeting the customer.

The package contains over 20 pages including resume, pictures of employees, references, why choose us, project description, products we use, and much more.  Believe me, it will significantly increase your business.  There is no guarantee but if you see it you will understand why we are so busy.  I have 9 years of college education and understand marketing very well.  Part of my college education is in computer software and web design.  It is a document that has taken 8 years to reach its current form and is still constantly modified.  I attribute getting the majority of the bids to the package as I do most bids online and do not even meet the customer anymore. The value of the package to your business is worth thousands but you will only understand this if you have a firm grip on marketing and wanting to increase your business significantly.  I am only offering this to help my viewers out, not to get rich.  If you want it purchase it, if not hope your business has much success.buy-now-button A full PDF copy of our bid package and a bid PDF is available for $150 right now.  The non-editable PDF bid package includes either an interior or exterior bid package and corresponding bid page.  Actual fully editable Microsoft Word originals of bid package documents are also available for $300.   Microsoft Word bid package documents include an interior, exterior, and fence bid package.  These Microsoft Word originals I created will make creation and editing a breeze.  These are the actual documents I use for my bid and are converted to PDF format prior to delivery.  No retyping or creation necessary. We use secure payment with PayPal and all major credit cards.  Just click the purchase button below.  Once paid, your files will be available for download from this website with a password.  PDF files are secured not editable PDF files that you look at to create your own. You open them and can view and print them to do as you wish. Any Microsoft Word original is downloaded with a password and you will need Microsoft Word to edit it to your liking. The Microsoft Word files have all the creating and formatting done. Need custom formatting done? Contact me for the cost of this service. Want to want and have it for free. See my free downloads page. You just have to be willing to wait.  However, the longer you wait the more business you are missing. A small investment now will pay off with the first bid won. Once purchased and downloaded, no refunds are offered.  Do to the nature of downloads and the confidentiality of my bid package, once you download the document no refunds will be offered through PayPal or any other means. Sincerely Chris Berry.