Be Stronger Work Longer!

Fitness Videos For Painters

Be Stronger Paint Longer fitness videos for painters is now available on the new APP PocketFlix and available to watch in the Paint Life Mafia Facebook group.  Fitness for painters will be targeting specific muscles you use everyday on the job to help you be stronger so you can paint longer.  There are 5 episodes to the series now. Episode 1 gives you four exercises for your deltoids and abs.  Episode 2 gives you four exercises for your back and lats.  Episode 3 gives you four exercises for your traps and biceps. Episode 4 gives you four exercises for your quads and calves.  The 5 and final episode gives you four exercises for your chest and triceps.  Time to get in shape and follow a workout system specifically geared to painters.

Paint Life Fitness Challenge

For painters, being strong and healthy is important if you want to maintain a pain free career. Fitness can also greatly increase the longevity of your career. In an effort to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle, we have created the Paint Life Fitness Challenge. This challenge is to encourage everyone to become more fit. You do not need an expensive gym membership. With our Fitness Challenge we hope to motivate you and get you to use your keen thinking to discover simple exercises with things that surround you on the job site. Be a part of our Paint Life Fitness Challenge, and work stronger and longer. Have a challenge idea? Send us a video and if we use your idea, we will send you a Paint Life Athletic Dept. shirt.


Our Fitness Challenge will be posted on our social media platform for all to see.  The Paint Life Crew will demonstrate an exercise and set the goal for everyone to attain.  To encourage you to be fit, we will give a Paint Life Athletic Dept. shirt to whoever sends in a video demonstrating that same exercise with the most reps compared to all other participants.

The first 10 submissions, on any of our platforms, will receive a Paint Life Fitness sticker.

Contest will close 7 days after our opening post on our platform. We will select one video submission, completed just as we have shown in our initial post. Be sure to tag us to ensure your submission is seen. If no post exists doing the exact exercise demonstrated by us, videos with the closest similarity and most reps will be considered. 


Paint Life Fitness GEAR

You can now purchase our Paint Life Athletic Dept t-shirts and Paint Life Fitness stickers in our store: